Protection From Radiation During Treatments

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Radiation therapy has grown over years with more precision and individualized treatment options that minimize side effects, and spare healthy tissues. New methods of treatment are a driving factor in the development of protective gear, treatment tools, diagnostic equipment, etc. For instance, Radiation Protection Products such as Radiation Protection Aprons, shields, accessories, and disposable Radiation Protection Gloves have all evolved due to the genomics revolution sweeping through cancer care.

Digitalization has enabled radiography solutions to become more versatile, compact, and affordable. Digital radiography is now being used for Mammography, General Radiography and Orthopedic, chiropractic, full leg/full spine and Dental applications. A specialized range of special-purpose and multi-purpose shields are developed in keeping with the strides in Digital Radiography. Radiation shields protect sensitive parts of the human body by effectively blocking scattered radiation in standard and/or speciality diagnostic procedures. Although precision-based therapy is an emerging approach for treatment, patients and doctors should always wear protective gear at all times.

Some of the advanced protective shields recommended for Radiation therapy include:

  • CT Breast Shield: It is used when a patient undergoes CT scan. The breast shield offers maximum protection to the sensitive tissues in and around the breast.
  • CT Thyroid Shield: It is designed to protect the thyroid gland from harmful radiation effects.
  • Radiation Protection Shield: It prevents radiation exposure among interventional physicians. As each one of them is exposed to at least 15-20 minutes of radiation per day, this shield is indispensable for the physicians.
  • CT Pediatric Shield: As infants are ten times more susceptible to carcinogenesis caused by radiation exposure than adults, CT Pediatric Shield ensures protection to infants without compromising on image quality.
  • CT Eye ShieldEyes are extremely sensitive to radiation procedures. CT Eye Shield provides up to 70% protection to the eyes.

Advances in Radiation technology include a high-level of automation and Artificial Intelligence in different treatment procedures. These advances do not preclude the risk of radiation that always exists. Radiation protection Apparel should be worn at all times during therapy sessions. Some of the apparel items that are increasingly adopted by patients and physicians include:

  • Thyroid Shields and Head Shields: These are meant to protect the thyroid glands, head and ears of the patient and physicians.
  • Aprons for Adults: Radiation protection aprons generally are double-sided aprons that provide complete front and back protection, and is ideal for interventional cardiology, radiology and urology. Different varieties of apron are also available based on the application.
  • Dental Apron: It includes a range of aprons to be worn during dental x-rays.
  • Gonad Shields and Ovarian Shields: These aprons protect the human reproductive organs from radiation.
  • Patient Apron and Patient Shields: These offer protection to all parts of the body.
  • Protective Eyewear: Made from finely ground European glass, the eyewear absorbs 99% radiation.
  • Protection Gloves: Made of soft, pliable material, the gloves offer complete protection to the physician. The latest is the disposable lead-free radiation protection glove that provides the highest possible protection from accidental exposure.
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