Why is Newborn screening important in countries like Kenya and India?

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According to the United Nations in July 2016, the population of India stood at 1,326,801,576. Today, it stands as the second most populated country in the world with a fertility rate of 2.43 births per woman. Catering the basic medical needs across the populated countries like India will be a difficult task. The growth of healthcare technology paved way for several healthcare providers to blur the borders.

Source: Wikipedia.com | Wikivisually.com

1,326,801,576 people in 2016 | Fertility rate: 2.43 births per woman

Creating a better future

To create a healthy world, preventive treatment becomes mandatory. How good would that be, if we can give our babies a healthy start for a long life? Newborn Screening is a comprehensive screening test done for your baby to detect the presence of over 100+ medical conditions that can be hidden at birth.

“Identify the conditions that could be harmful to your baby’s growth with Neonatal screening.”

Detect 100+ medical conditions which are hidden at birth.

How reliable is the test?

Over 50 years, Newborn Screening has saved countless lives and prevented disabilities in Children across the globe. Even the children with inborn errors would be normal in their early stages. Only through effective Newborn Screening, these problems can be identified.

On the other hand, Newborn Screening is only a basic diagnostic test to get to know the inborn errors. For positive newborn screening test results, additional confirmatory tests are mandatory.

Additional confirmatory tests are mandatory.

Is Newborn screening affordable?

The Newborn Screening test is very much affordable and in many countries, it is a mandatory affair. Moreover, if these conditions are not identified and treated earlier, the cost of treatment could be much higher in the later stage.

Can a simple screening test like Newborn Screening save the baby’s life?

Given the stats, one in 300 babies is getting detected with treatable conditions only. By treating these conditions, damages like mental retardation, thyroid issues, autism and sudden deaths can be reversed. Right from the beginning, Newborn Screening has improved the survival rate drastically.

Source: indianpediatrics.net

What are the most common disorders which are detected through the Newborn Screening in India?

In India, two major disorders are being detected through Newborn Screening. Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) is being found in 2 out of 1000 babies in India. Next to that, G6PD deficiency is more common among the tribal populations of India. They constitute 8.6 percent of India’s total population and among them the prevalence varies from 2.3 to 27 percent with an overall prevalence of 7.7 percent in different tribal groups.

Source: indianpediatrics.net | Indian Council of Medical Research – icmr.nic.in

Congenital Hypothyroidism (CH) & G6PD deficiency most common disorders

Why is Newborn screening important for a baby born in India?

Comparatively, the incidence of inborn errors is a little high in India as we are densely populated. Research indicates that 1 in 2497 babies are born with inborn errors here. These errors, which are not harmful now, have all the potential to cause permanent neurological, cognitive, tactile and physical damage in the child. If such errors are detected in this newborn baby screening, they can be treated easily.

Source: indianpediatrics.net

1 in 2497 babies born with inborn errors | 360,800 infants detected with metabolic disorders annually

Statistically, India witnesses the birth of 25 million babies annually, out of which 360,800 infants are detected with metabolic disorders. With Newborn Screening, we can reduce the morbidity due to these Inborn Errors of Metabolism. Given the current scenario, where high profile medical facilities are still a daydream for the rural population, preventive pediatric screening tests like Newborn Screening should be made mandatory. This will help the parents to gift a good and healthy future for their bundle of joy.

Source: hindustantimes.com|Lifecell.in

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