Hematology: Finding Order in Blood Disorders

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The sight of the life-giving fluid gushing out of wounds in our bodies makes us all twitchy, doesn’t it? Ask the mother of a toddler who has bruised his knees, a wife who has cut her fingers while chopping vegetables, or a person with low blood pressure who has just fainted, and you will know that blood is only as appealing as long as it doesn’t flow out of your veins. 


Even more alarming than the thought of blood, are disorders related to blood. A variety of blood conditions including infection, anaemia, inflammation, haemophilia, coagulation disorders, leukaemia and the body’s response to chemotherapy treatments, can cause even more spasms if left undetected early.  


Fortunately, Hematology – the branch of medicine concerned with the study of the cause, prognosis, treatment and prevention of diseases that affect the production of blood and its components such as blood cells, haemoglobin, blood proteins, bone marrow, platelets, blood vessels, spleen, and the mechanism of coagulation – evaluates and helps conquer blood-related diseases. It also deals with transfusion medicine, which involves performing blood typing, cross-matching for compatibility and managing large amounts of blood products.


Labspec, the largest medical technology company of Kenyan origin, deals in high-end and accurate products in the haematology segment. The instruments will quantify, classify and describe cell populations in diseases, and help in accurate diagnosis of various blood-related disorders.


Sebia CAPILLARYS2 Neonat Fast– is the best choice in newborn Hemoglobin Screening. Has exclusive capillary electrophoresis technology for the high-resolution separation and complete walk-away automation, from hemolysate preparation to final colour-coded results.


CAPILLARYS 2 Flex Piecing– is an instrument utilizing capillary electrophoresis developed to be versatile while providing a clear-cut and precise protein separation with high throughput. A “Cap Piercing Technology” enables whole blood testing, while maximizing the laboratory’s workflow. The “inversion mixing system” provides greater sample homogeneity resulting in improved accuracy and precision of the results.

Cellenium 380 – is a compact, benchtop, 3-part WBC differential analyzer with a sample throughput of 80 tests/ hour making it our fastest analyzer today. With an easy to follow and intuitive icon user interface, the system is ideal for laboratories, clinics and physician practices. 

Cellenium 4D – is a compact, benchtop, 60 test/hour, 5-part laser WBC differential analyzer with two sampling modes: a cap-piercing mode for closed tube sampling and another for open tubes. The Cellenium 5D can be enhanced to meet your changing needs by adding an autosampler and/or a small sample volume module. 

Hydragel K-20 Manual Gel Electrophoresis System – Is a multi-parametric system for Gel Electrophoresis with patented disposable microporous applicators to allow thin sample application. 

HYDRASYS 2 SCAN – is the “all-in-one” analyzer for gel electrophoresis. The system offers analytical solutions for the highest level of performance, matching clinical diagnostic requirements.

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