Clinical Value of Ultrasound in Urology

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Ultrasound modality has grown leaps and bounds in India to become an inevitable part of Healthcare delivery. Urology is one of the applications where Ultrasound delivers tremendous clinical value as high-level of accuracy and reliability is necessary to ensure early detection, precise diagnosis and appropriate treatment. Emerging technologies in ultrasound offer optimal support for urology precision. High resolution B mode, Doppler mode, advanced imaging technologies such as Real-time Virtual Sonography, Real-Time Tissue Elastography and Contrast enhanced ultrasound lead to safer, more accurate diagnosis and treatment. A diverse selection of Probes provides versatility for different procedures.

Superior Technologies for Urology
Real-time Tissue Elastography is a technology where applying a very small, repetitive compression to the target with the ultrasound probe induces tissue strain which is displayed as a color map that represents tissue stiffness. It has proven clinical value for routine use across a variety of different applications including Prostate imaging. Simultaneous Dual Display of Contrast enhanced with fundamental B-mode image enhances display of microvasculature, providing extra criteria for more precise characterization of lesion, facilitates understanding of location and extent of tumours and allows for prostate gland and kidney examinations. Inflow Time Mapping is a colour scale used to code the time-to-peak enhancement of the contrast agent and allows better differentiation of tumours by comparing the inflow time arrival pattern between the lesion and the healthy parenchyma of the prostate gland.

Real-time Virtual Sonography (RVS) is an image guidance technology for interventional procedures. It enables direct comparison of lesions by taking advantage of the strengths of each imaging modality (Ultrasound & MRI) and targeted biopsy can be performed on lesions detected by MRI. RVS allows for Multi-modality imaging which is the combined use with Contrast Enhanced Ultrasound, Real-time Tissue Elastography etc.

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