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Recent developments in Clinical Chemistry are changing the way healthcare is perceived around the world. Due to the rising demand for rapid diagnostics, healthcare professionals are getting trained in point-of-care testing (POCT) so that they can overcome a range of challenges in the lab.

In-vitro diagnostics, from the house of Trivitron, offers a range of Clinical instruments to a record number of healthcare professionals across different regions. Clinical Chemistry systems help improve workflow and turnaround time, with seamless connectivity to automation and IT, while offering reliable and trusted results.

We inspire thought leaders from the healthcare industry, academia, and clinical laboratories with the science behind our technologies that provide unlimited opportunities for growth. Trivitron promotes automatic immunoassay analysers, fully and semi-automated Clinical Chemistry Analysers and Clinical Chemistry Reagents Kits – that empower clinical diagnostics.

From scalable research solutions to proven clinical laboratory diagnostics, we are the partner that you can trust – to help you efficiently develop and apply differentiated clinical applications today and for many years to come.

Our Clinical Chemistry Reagents Kits for analytes such as proteins, enzymes and their instruments are used in all types of laboratories. The most sought over ones include:

Labmate, the most versatile semi-automatic biochemistry analyser, working on three modes – Biochemistry, Turbidimetry and Coagulation – empowers clinical diagnostics with accurate and precise results.

Nanolab 200, the fully automatic clinical chemistry analyser with a throughput of 200 tests per hour, is highly efficient, compact in design and extremely efficient for laboratories.

Nanolab 500, the fully automatic random access benchtop clinical chemistry analyser with a throughput of 300 photometric tests per hour or up to 480 tests per hour with optional ISE module, exudes easier service and simplified maintenance.

Nanolab 700, the fully automatic random access benchtop clinical chemistry analyser with a throughput of up to 600 photometric tests per hour, max. 720 tests per hour with optional ISE module, is easy to maintain and surprisingly takes very little space in the laboratory.

Elite, fully automated, microprocessor- controlled electrolyte analyser based on ISE (Ion Selective Electrode) technology, with a throughout of 70 sample/hr. Unique air detector ensures accurate, precise results and error-free analysis.
ClinReact, clinical chemistry reagents kits, provide precise sensitivity, wide measurement range, long shelf life stability and CE marked reagents that best suit laboratory requirements.

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