Tips to maintain motivation during uncertain times

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The prevailing COVID-19 pandemic has impacted each of our lives in multiple ways, it has significantly affected global trade and disrupted supply chains & cash flows thus halting economies and leading to countries losing business, investments and trade.

The crises had not only engraved deep dent in the economy, but it had also brought us at crossroads to rethink the way we work, travel and work. Governments did whatever it took to keep economies afloat and systems running.

Staying motivated and productive during this uncertain times can be challenging. Facing uncertainty, in a true sense, is lot more difficult than enduring physical pain, and that’s because our brains are programmed to develop and reframe a set of rules, and thoughts on how the world works, any sort of nonalignment between our worldview and the reality creates a disruption which causes uncertainty that eventually leads to fear and anxiety about the future.

To stay motivated, and productive during uncertainty and stress, we have to get rid of old thought processes, and become open to new ideas, learnings and perspectives.

5 ways can help you to stay motivated and productive during the COVID-19 outbreak

1. Focus on the positives and celebrate little things

With so many negative news of people dying and losing jobs, it’s also worth acknowledging that alongside negative news, there are also positive stories about people recovering from the disease and finding innovative ways to sustain business continuity. During these times, it can be extremely helpful to focus your energy on the good things in your life-no matter how small. Feeling positive and hopeful for a better future can go a long way in helping us to feel motivated.

2. Stay connected with friends and family

Remaining in contact with friends and family members would tend to lift your spirits and alleviate your mood. Staying connected with each other not only acts as a reminder that we are all together in this time, but it’s also a great way to share tips with each other on how to navigate through the pandemic.

3. Set a goal

One of the primary reasons of lacking motivation is because you might feel that you have nothing to accomplish, and no goals to achieve for a day. Normally, people gain purpose from taking part in a range of activities. Currently most of us are working from home with limited exposure to the outside world. Times like this call for setting small goals, like learning a new trait, taking up an online course and etc. Try to stick to your routine and achieve these goals as much as possible, but allow yourself some breathing space too.

4. Discover your motivation

If you feel demotivated and experience loss of purpose at the moment, then whilst it can be a great challenge to work through, it can also offer a great opportunity. It becomes the need of hour to be honest with yourself and discover what really motivates you. Whatever it is that makes you happy, now could be a really valuable time to explore it and how you might get started. Discovering inner motivation shall always have a positive impact and the results could often be surprising.

5. Accept the digital revolution

The pandemic is our existing reality and it had reengineered the way that we work and connect. Digitization has taken over and we are, more than ever, dependent on remote technologies to work and socialize therefore it becomes imminent that we embrace technology to sustain business and work.

In conclusion, what keeps you motivated may be of little or perhaps no interest to someone else and vice-versa, so it’s important that we listen to our own mind and converge our efforts on things that will make us happy and motivated, which in turn shall drive our productivity.

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