Understanding the major requirements of ELISA

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The enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) is an antibody/antigen test or in simpler terms, is a test for immune response to foreign particle attacking the body like virus, bacteria and allergens. ELISA tests involve trained professionals and specialized instruments to be carried out. Among the most significant and widely used instrument to conduct ELISA test include ELISA Reader and ELISA Washer.
ELISA Reader is a highly advanced version of a laboratory plate reader which is designed to measure the concentration of hormones, viruses & other immunoassay parameters like thyroid, infertility, NBS & Infectious panels by the development of color at final steps, which directly or indirectly corresponds to the analytes.
ELISA tests are carried out in most of the laboratories, because it is one of the most economical and reliable method for the evaluation of research parameters and diagnostics targets.
The ELISA procedure results in a colored end product which correlates to the amount of analytes present in the original sample. ELISA tests are quick and simple to carry out, and since they are designed to rapidly handle a large number of samples in parallel, they are a very popular choice for the evaluation of various research and diagnostic targets.
Like a variety of immunoassays, ELISA too require a series of washing steps to ensure the binding of target anlayte. Microplate washers are laboratory instruments designed to control the washing procedure of samples arranged in plate-based formats. ELISA plate washer is specifically designed for washing purposes involved during ELISA assays.

Trivitron introduces LDx R1 ELISA micro plate reader, one of the fastest ELISA reader in its segment. LDx R1 plate reader is advanced, has a sturdy built and is suitable for scientific research, medical diagnosis and other related applications. LDx R1 works on a windows based operating system with 8” touch screen colour display that offers ease of operation and is suitable for small, medium and large scale laboratories. Additionally, with inbuilt shaking function and variable speed adjustment options, LDx R1 is designed to last long providing accurate results.
LDxR1 – ELISA Microplate Reader
LDx W1 is a dependable ELISA plate washer from Trivitron suitable for flat U & V bottom micro plates with 8 and 12 way manifolds. The washer is quiet, easy to clean and leaves virtually no residue, consequently which prevents contamination. LDx W1 washers can handle strips as well as a variety of plate types. The washer also provides flexibility to name, edit, and save different wash programs. LDx W1 is the perfect washer for all your needs and offers the feasibility to be integrated into the current lab workflow.
LDxW1 – ELISA Microplate Washer
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