The Future of Hematology Research, designed in Kenya

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Back in the early 80s in Kenya, Bone Marrow Transplantation (BMT) was adopted as a therapeutic modality to treat haematological disorders. Leading hematology journals described molecular targeted therapy as a distant dream.

But times changed. Young doctors showed keen interest in taking up hematology and transfusion medicine. Extensive research work slowly deemed possible due to the easy availability of antibody-based reagents, coagulation reagents and molecular biology reagents.

During the past two decades, however, hematological disorders have been extensively studied by means of classical laboratory approaches, for example, microscopy, immunophenotyping, clinical chemistry, genetic diagnostic tests etc.

Labspec, the Multi-Modality Medical Technology Company, has emerged as one of the leading designers, manufacturers and importers of a wide range of CE certified Hematology Analyzers and other instruments to hospitals, individual healthcare providers, independent clinics and laboratories.

Labspec offers a range of lab modalities that offer precision diagnosis at ease. Our product portfolio includes:

Sebia CAPILLARY 2 Neonat Fast – is the best choice in newborn Hemoglobin Screening. Has exclusive capillary electrophoresis technology for the high-resolution separation and complete walk-away automation, from hemolysate preparation to final color-coded results.

Minicap Flex Piercing – is a multi-parameter instrument with large test menu which includes Protein, Immunotyping, Urine, Immunotyping Urine, HbA1c, haemoglobin, CDT.

Cellenium 380 – is a compact, benchtop, 3-part WBC differential analyzer with a sample throughput of 80 tests/ hour making it our fastest analyzer today. With an easy to follow and intuitive icon user interface, the system is ideal for laboratories, clinics and physician practices.

Cellinum 5D – is a compact, benchtop, 60 test/hour, 5-part laser WBC differential analyzer with two sampling modes: a cap-piercing mode for closed tube sampling and another for open tubes. The Cellenium 5D can be enhanced to meet your changing needs by adding an autosampler and/or a small sample volume module. 

Cellenium 5D Retic – 5-part hematology analyser with Retic. It is a compact system with 34 parameters including RET%, RET# and Research Parameters. It has a throughput of 60 Test per hour and Double mode for WBC counting – impedance count & optical count.

 HYDRASYS 2 SCAN FOCUSING– is the “all-in-one” analyzer for gel electrophoresis. The system offers analytical solutions for the highest level of performance, matching clinical diagnostic requirements.

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