Tech Trends That Are Set to Take Healthcare to the Next Level

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Healthcare is an industry which is always at the threshold of technological advancement. Especially so in recent years, the industry has experienced a drastic evolution. So what are the tech trends that are set to take the healthcare arena to the next level?


Chatbots are becoming highly prevalent in many sectors and healthcare is no different. Chatbots can do anything from booking your appointment with the doctor to notifying a nurse in times of emergencies. Some conversational chatbots also go the extra mile by interacting and getting the best treatment for the patient.

Smart beds

Smart beds are becoming the next big thing. They come with the option of formulating and setting some conditions which if failed to be followed will be projected through a visual indicator. Sensors installed in the bed may check weight, angle, break and other factors to ensure that the safety of the patient is always intact.

Cloud computing

Cloud computing is evolving as a game changer for the healthcare industry. Not only does it increase accessibility for doctors and patients, it also does drastically bring down the waiting time for patients to access their health outcomes. Patient information stored traditionally in paper documents is slowly becoming a thing of the past with access to information from cloud round the clock.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is truly set to take the healthcare industry to the next level. From automating all tasks like timesheet entry, scheduling, paperwork to ensuring seamless flow of work in hospitals, AI is set to take the industry by storm. Artificial intelligence will also substitute human error with impeccable performance thereby ensuring there are only minimal glitches.

Big data and analytics

Big data and analytics will play a crucial role in the way healthcare can be experienced. Not only will it reduce costs and increase efficiency in processes, big data analytics with predictive analysis will help detect prevent critical conditions for the patients as well. Big data analytics will play a major hand in catapulting healthcare quality to astronomical levels.


Telehealth enables the delivery of health and health-related services via electronic information and telecommunications technology. mHealth, Remote Patient Monitoring, wearables, education and training for providers and patients etc will face a significant change with the advance in telehealth technology. Telehealth conquers distance, cuts time and ensures efficiency in the healthcare sector as millions of people use smartphones and tablet devices.

The promise of tech in healthcare is huge. Though all these technological infiltrations might take a while to mature and stabilise, the healthcare sector is soon embracing it to deliver the best possible solutions to the world.

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