Introducing Auto Contrast Enhancement Technology to replace Grids for Special Applications

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Kiran Medical Systems have spent more than three decades on research and development in the field of X-Rays, with extensive specialization in image enhancement techniques. Kiran provides a complete range of anti-scatter grids, which includes Standard Grids, Digital Grids, Bucky Grids and Circular Grids.

As a frontrunner in research & development of advanced imaging modalities, and in lines with the recent developments in the field of Digitization in healthcare, Kiran has introduced special features of contrast enhancement to counter the traditional grid for select clinical applications. After the successful launch of Super Harmonic Frequency Generator, Auto Contrast Enhancement is the next enterprise in Kiran’s commitment to the field of Radiology in developing products that help enhance medical imaging.

Auto Contrast Enhancement is an algorithm that automatically maximizes the contrast of Digital Radiography by applying an adequate grey level transform, whose parameters are computed on the basis of the image entropy. This method has proven to outperform the standard image contrast adjustment procedures that are currently in use.  The implemented systems have automatic image processing filter, that allows quicker and potentially more accurate diagnosis and facilitates the subsequent offline review and verification process.

Kiran’s product portfolio includes a comprehensive range of Radiation Protection ProductsUltisys range of Mobile & Fixed Radiography systems, Infinity and Elite series of Analog & Digital C-arm systemsSonorad Ultrasound SystemsFelicia – Digital Mammography K-series Contrast Media , Anti-scatter X-ray grids, new software based Grid System and a wide range of Imaging Consumables & Accessories. 

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