Super Harmonic Controlled Frequency (80KHZ)

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First of its kind, a unique C-Arm Generator Solution.

Labspec consistently strives to achieve innovative solutions that go above and beyond from our current advancements. Kiran Medical Systems, an Imaging / X-Ray division of Trivitron has yet again set a new pedestal in the industry. Ask any surgeon and they would tell you that their ideal version of a Surgical C-arm is one that provides a low dose and radiation, while offering a longer lifespan when it comes to the tube and equipment as a whole.

What is a Surgical C-arm, you ask? It is an imaging scanner intensifier that is primarily used for fluoroscopic intraoperative imaging during surgical, orthopedic and emergency care procedures. The equipment helps connect the x-ray source and x-ray detector to one another and provides high-resolution images in real time, allowing physicians or surgeons to check anatomical details, the position of implants or instruments, and even monitor progress and make corrections in real time.

Thus far, radiation from a Surgical C-arm could be controlled using limited ways such as— by collimation, through a high-quality monoblock, and with an X-ray source of good quality.


Now however, the dream of an ideal Surgical C-arm is about to become a reality for a lot of physicians. The R&D team of Kiran Medical Systems has successfully developed a new technology called Super Harmonic Controlled Frequency, which has been exclusively researched & developed by them. What is so enthralling about this technology is that, as the name suggests, it is functional in controlling frequencies of X-Ray. With the integration of this pioneering technology, X-Rays automatically vary from 40KHZ to 80KHZ depending on the line and dose requirement. Not only does this help in protecting the surgeon from the additional exposure to radiation, but also offers increased support in extending the lifespan of the equipment thanks to a controlled coordination between the generator and X-ray source.

Kiran is renowned for its high-quality Imaging products that always ensure:

  • Lesser X-Ray Radiation Exposure
  • Protecting Doctors when they are Protecting Patients
  • Giving highest Life Cycle Value of the Products

For the past four decades, Trivitron’s division Kiran has taken pride in its reputation for introducing technologies that reduce and protect users from excess X-Ray radiation. This particular advancement from the house of Kiran is another milestone towards the same vision.

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