Forming habits for achieving big goals

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How often do we set up goals and objectives for ourselves, only to give up the moment we don’t achieve the desired result? Any slight deviation discourages us, and we instantly lose sight of all progress that we’ve made along the way. It is entirely normal to plan big, but at the same time, it is essential to set appropriate expectations as well.

One of the most under looked aspects of goal settings is utilizing micro habits, which slowly but surely help you achieve even the most challenging goals. We frequently disregard our habits as we remain centered around the outcomes or objectives that we need to accomplish as we desire instant gratification and results. However, making progress requires doing the little, apparently inconsequential things that help in creating change in the long run.

To dream big, we need to think small, and that involves incorporating micro habits towards achieving your goal.

Start Small

The whole purpose behind micro habits is to break down your goals into smaller achievable tasks. In doing so, you’re actively performing these smaller tasks which do not take much time and effort, and as a result, you’re empowered with the feeling of accomplishment. Bigger tasks might lead one to procrastinate. Moreover, the benefit of breaking down tasks eradicates the feeling of being overwhelmed by bigger tasks.

Planning too far ahead and taking giant leaps often results in loss of focus and momentum as you could be bound by the constraints of time and other unseen circumstances. Hence, it is necessary to identify these micro habits pertaining to your goals to help you in the long run.

Stay Committed

Once these micro habits have been identified, it is essential to stay focused and committed to them. It might sound difficult at first because we naturally get demotivated at the slightest bit of inconvenience. Still, since these tasks are small and manageable, it can be completed with ease as minimal effort is required. The key to staying committed is to develop a practice or routine which will help you remain consistent in your efforts. And with each passing day, these habits will be incorporated into your life.

Track Your Progress

With each completed task, you’ll find yourself making steady progress towards your goal. Thus, resulting in greater motivation to continue working hard. Each win is a step towards momentum. And with growing momentum comes confidence which directly translates to achieving more tasks. Subsequently, it is crucial to track your progress to know where you stand at any given moment and to look back on how far you’ve come. This tracking of progress not only helps with your motivation levels but also serves as a concrete proof of your efforts.

So the next time you set out to plan your goals, big or small, don’t get discouraged by the time, amount, or effort, it will take you to achieve that goal. Instead focus on building micro habits and trust that those changes will add up over time, thus, providing you with your desired result.

To conclude, all you need is to ensure that your micro habits are consistently completed and not to stress over the outcomes. Habits are all about steady, consistent, and committed actions and not so much about the result, which will follow naturally.

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