The Innovative Revelation That Is the Super Harmonic Controlled Frequency

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Labspec is a globally acclaimed brand, and its radiology division— Kiran Medical Systems equally enjoys a renowned presence in more than 165 countries across the globe as one of the leaders in radiology. Kiran is also a manufacturer of the finest radiology equipment, accessories, and protection products while specializing in X-Ray solutions such as Surgical C-Arm products.

Kiran’s unparalleled innovation has yet again witnessed a new breakthrough. The research and development team at Kiran has exclusively conceived and launched a new technology which is the “Super Harmonic Controlled Frequency”— a unique solution for the C-Arm Generator.

A C-Arm Generator is an imaging scanner intensifier used for a variety of applications, of which the most common operations include surgery, orthopaedics, traumatology, cardiology, and emergency care for intra-operative imaging. It provides physicians and surgeons with high-quality contrast images in real time, allowing them to check anatomical details or implants, and also operate while monitoring progress in real time.

There exist concerns over radiation safety and although they are valid, it is understood that to treat patients effectively with interventional radiologic procedures, exposure to some radiation must be administered. Up until now, the way to ensure reduced exposure to radiation was to minimize total fluoroscopy time, keep the image intensifier close to the patient, collimate to the region of interest, and use appropriate radiation shielding, for e.g. a high-quality monoblock.

The newly integrated technology goes a step beyond and controls the frequency of X-Ray within the range of 40KHZ to 80KHZ. Some common terms used in radiation exposure are entrance exposure, absorbed dose, dose equivalent, and effective dose. The Super Harmonic Controlled Frequency technology automatically adjusts the range depending on the line and dose requirement.

This new technology does an incredible job of streamlining the amount and strength of exposure, thereby protecting surgeons from added radiation. In addition to that, it increases the lifespan of the tubes and the C-arm equipment itself as the coordination between the generator and X-ray source is controlled.


Kiran ensures the following guidelines in all its Imaging products:

  • Lesser X-Ray Radiation Exposure
  • Protecting doctors protecting patients
  • Giving the highest life-cycle value for its products

The new C-arm generator technology keeps a track of these guidelines and shows promise in providing a more holistic healthcare. With the new Super Harmonic Controlled Frequency C-arm Generator, Kiran progresses another step ahead in the evolution of healthcare contributing to Trivitron’s vision of constantly pursuing technological innovations that offer superior benefits at minimal costs.

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